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Ballet dance is one of the most sought out genres of dance. It helps dancers bring entertainment, poise, discipline, and control to their style. Ballet dance is the base for all dancers. This class is taught from a certified, professional dancer who is still performing today.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a specific style that is very common in our dance industry today. It incorporates ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical. This style allows the dancers to connect their brain and body, training them to understand different ways in which the body can move.

Modern Dance Leap at Delmarva Dance Vault Studio, Delmar DE

Hip Hop Dance

Hip-hop is a style of dance in which gives the dancers a chance to use their fabulous energy, while stepping out of their comfort zone. Classes are high-energy and incorporate body control for popping and locking within their movement. This class also allows all our sassy dancers to bring their sass into their dancing.

contemporary dance
Hip Hop

Tap dance

Tap classes help a dancer understand syncopation, rhythm, tempo, and focus on their sounds. Tap requires coordination along with strong knees and ankles. This class will help dancers create sharp and crisp tap sounds, and develop correct tap technique.

This class is high energy and will get dancers up and moving. 

Youth Tap Dance Delmarva Dance Vault Studio Delmar, DE
Tap Dance


Jazz dance is often seen on Broadway, and promotes an entertainment factor while also displaying technique, rhythms, and lower along with upper body coordination and isolations. There are various styles of jazz such as Swing, Jazz-Funk, and Broadway Jazz. These styles will be taught all throughout classes. 

Lyrical Classes

Lyrical dance expresses pure emotion along with seamless technique. In a lyrical class or dance it challenges the dancers to tell a story throughout their choreographed movements. Lyrical is a very much used dance style, as it shows excellence, power throughout movement, and allows dancers to express their feelings regarding the music and what it means to them.  

Lyrical Dance Class Delmarva Dance Vault Studio.jpg

Leaps, Jumps and Turns

This is a technique class, in which focuses on leaps, jumps and turns. This class helps dancers work on skills that may not be solely worked on in other classes offered. It allows the dancers to truly focus and dive into their body focusing on specific skills.

(Offered to competition team only) 

Musical Theater 

Musical Theater Class brings Broadway to the dance floor. Dancers are taught to perform throughout the class, while still dancing with technique and control within the body. This class allows dancers to become different characters theatrically and correlate their expressions with dance. Combining performance and dance movement is a difficult style to master, as they both have to look believable and enjoyable to watch. 

Musical Theater Class Delmarva Dance Vault Studio_edited.jpg


Acting class prepares the dancer to dive into their theatrics. Giving them scenarios in which they play a role as a soloist actor, with a partner, or group setting. Theatrics very much correlate to dance, as it helps dancers relate their character to their dancing. This class helps our dancers reach the idea of inquiring to become a triple threat, which includes acting, singing, and dancing. This is a very common term used in the audition world. 

Dance Team Prep

Dance Team Prep allows dancers to prepare for the collegiate level. This class is taught by a past Division 1 Dance Team member, who knows what it takes to reach the dreams dancers want to fill. This class focuses on stamina, pom, jazz, and acrobatic tricks which are required for Division 1 Dance Teams.

(Offered to competition team only). 

Leaps & Jumps
Musical Theater
Dance Team Prep

Mommy & Me

Mommy and Me classes consist of the mother or care-taker of your little dancer ages 3 and under. This class provides socialization for your toddler, making friends, getting their body coordination in small dance interactive exercises, and goals to master within the class. This is a good idea for little toddlers to warm up to intro and beginner dance classes. 

Mommy & Me


Acro class allows our dancers to dive into their flexibility and strength training. With a certified and insured acro teacher, dancers will be able to find their power on a tumble track, and on floor mats. This allows dancers to get used to airtime in various tricks, and progress into new acrobatic skill levels each year in class.  

Acro Fun At Delmarva Dance Vault Studio
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